Been brainstorming this gal for a bit! She has yet to settle on a name, but I’ve been thinking of Usagi~

She takes care of my curiosity of having a slime character, piled with noms! She is a bit clueless, when she sees a critter she likes or finds appealing, she grabs hold despite any squirms or protests and just licks and nibbles away, slowly pulling them into her body.

She gets REALLY excited when she’s in predatory mode, her body getting extra gooey. Trying to fight or retaliate would only get you stuck more! Silly girl doesn’t quite understand that not everybody likes being sucked in like that.

This lil Goodra of mine is also quite the glutton! The more she stuffs into that body of hers the more she enjoys herself. All that funny squirming and moving about inside leaves this girl oddly blissful. 

An innocent pred that just doesn’t understand the ‘repercussions’ of her actions. 

I think I’d also use her as prey too. Because of her squishy, almost gelatinous form she can fit almost anymore with time! She doesn’t mind exploring and checking out odd areas. But good luck trying to keep her down. She does need a taste of her own medicine tho.


YAY COMMISSION FOR GRIPPA This one was so much fun oh my lord.